The members of the Chamber may be natural persons or commercial companies with private, state, Romanian, foreign or mixed share capital, who are developing commercial, industrial,    construction, transportation and agriculture activities, or in any other field of activity, which are recognizing and adheres to the present By-Laws. Non-profit associations and organizations may become members of
the Chamber.

Statesmen, science men, professors, economics and law specialists may become honorary members of the Chamber.

The quality of honorary member does not give any right or obligations to the persons holding this position.

The Consul of the Cyprus Republic can be a honorary member of the Chamber.

The Management Council can grant the quality of honorary member to any person, taking into consideration this person’s services or contribution to the Chamber’s activity.

The Chamber’s Management Council is the body entitled to accept or not an application for becoming member of the Chamber.

The persons attending the first General Assembly are the founding members.


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